covid-19 menorca

Tourism sector being responsible infront of Covid-19 Menorca.

In the Balearic Islands, there have been many organizations and private groups that have taken the health recommendations more severely; issued by official bodies of the State about of Covid-19 Menorca.

And local government, to provide greater security for tourists in the presence of Covid-19 Menorca.

This interest in making a security shield against Covid-19 Menorca gave very good results during the month of August 2020 and, meanwhile.

They remain as standard measures in the islands, a fact that resulted in the presence of a good number of tourists, not only nationals.

But the usual people from other areas of Europe who always visit Menorca for their summer holidays.

Groups like the Association of Hotels and the Chamber of Commerce, in addition to the Small and Medium Industry.

Held meetings in which common agreements were established to contribute to  their strategy of attracting tourists in a safer way so they wouldn’t get Covid-19 Menorca.

Effective security measures against Covid-19 Menorca

To make front to the Covid-19 Menorca, the actions that are now in common use throughout Menorca are simple.

The first thing they recommend is the use of a mask, maintain a safe distance and respect any additional suggestions to make the stay much safer and more comfortable.

The eight city councils of the island have been in charge of the design and elaboration of a series of posters.

That are located on each beach and places destined for bathers, in which they make very clear the rules of use of the spaces to make front the Covid-19 Menorca.

Sports practice is allowed, as long as the distance of 2 meters between people is respected and without direct physical contact.

Also Covid-19 Menorca the groups must be of a maximum of 10 members and they are.

Instructed to keep the separation of 2 meters with their neighbors on the beach.

Another rule is the organization of the beaches and coves.

They have established that separations of up to 2 meters are kept in order to always avoid contact between people.

Safe beaches and pools

The latest research indicates that in the sea and in swimming pools, keeping distances and with great caution, there is very little risk of contagion to Covid-19 Menorca.

To this individual, all those involved in the world of hotels and restaurants in Menorca.

As well as recreational activities and boat rental companies, have made the most of it so that everyone is safe and calm enjoying in summer.

At all times they have indications so that the bather and visitor never forget that part of the responsibility is individual.

But Covid-19 Menorca that the sector makes its maximum effort to keep the areas free of viruses, as disinfected as possible and with the proper conditions.

The parking lots on the beaches have been reviewed more rigorously these days, in order to avoid exceeding the capacities of the areas and maintaining the safety distance in them.

The main recommendation that is made, in any case, is to avoid crowds to Covid-19 Menorca.

In this they have placed great emphasis in Menorca, where enjoyment is encouraged in moderation and safety.

 September 16, 2020 

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