“Maó, Semper Viu” The new initiative of the Mahón city council to support the Menorcan local commerce and restaurants.

“Maó, Semper Viu” The new initiative of the Mahón city council to support the Menorcan local commerce and restaurants.

The Mahón city council has created two slogans to help and support the restoration and Menorcan local commerce; “Tasta Maó, Fem Ciutat” and “Buy Maó, Fem Ciutat”. This initiative arises to alleviate the effects of the state of alarm created by Covid-19 in the shops of the town of Mahón.

Apart from being a good initiative, it is a very fun way to spend time with your friends or family.

“TASTA MAÓ, FEM CIUTAT” means “Taste Mahon, we make a city”.

Tasta Maó consists of supporting the restoration and Menorcan local commerce, almost all the bars and restaurants in the municipality have signed up to prepare a unique or special tapas of their establishment and the cost is € 3.50, for each consumption of ” tasta maó ”you have a number for the special raffles the city council has prepared, you could win, such as a night in a hotel, tickets to the main theater, vouchers for local businesses, a dinner for two in a restaurant in Mahón …

This initiative has been very successful, in Menorca local commerce and restaurants are very happy with this initiative.

The participating restaurants are:

  • Akelarre restaurant & live music with its croquette cover made with small cuttlefish from sa Llotja, in its own ink, and battered.
  • Bar a Vins with its cover of Scandinavian-style marinated salmon (gravlax), with a sheet of nori seaweed and flamed with Xoriguer gin in front of the customer.
  • Bar can Xavi with its tapa of fish farcits peppers with Mahón cheese sauce.
  • Bar Qsins with its cover in three separate bites: a spring roll stuffed with sobrasada, Mahón cheese, raisins, walnuts and a cabbage base, continuing with a mushroom rice, fresh salami with a touch of sobrasada and, lastly bite a solid ointment.
  • Brasserie Rit-Mô with its tapas of rock mussels au gratin with Mahón cheese, Café del Foro with its black pudding basket (montadito) with fig jam and fresh Maó cheese.
  • Café Menorca with its tapa of calamari from Menorca stuffed with a semi-cured Mahón cheese sauce.
  • Can Nito de la Marina with its tapa of sobrasada cake and Mahón cheese with fig coulis.
  • Casino Sant Climent with its mushroom tapa with hints of sobrasada and sweet potato.
  • Chef Montes with a tapa (skewer) of octopus and pumpkin on creamy sobrasada, all topped with an air of beer and crunchy aged cheese.
  • Ciao Port Maó with tapas (skewer) of Menorcan red shrimp croquettes, sobrasada and Mahón cheese.
  • Bar Restaurant Dit i Fet with its famous dish piquillo peppers stuffed with sobrasada and Mahón cheese on a bed of oliaigo.
  • Bar el Alquimista with homemade croquettes with ingredients from Menorca.

“BUY FROM MAÓ, FEM CIUTAT” means “buy in Mahón, we make the city”.

Buying from Maó consists of encouraging the citizens of all the municipalities of Menorcan local commerce, especially Mahón, to buy in their local businesses. And now that Christmas is coming, there is no better time to support and help these businesses, let’s think about this year and all those who come to help entrepreneurs and merchants who have been working hard for many years to get their store going.

And now in these times it is very important to support our local Menorcan local commerce trade, not to buy online but to go physically to the stores taking advantage of the walk to distract yourself, greet your friends while keeping distance and appreciate all the good and beautiful we have in our wonderful and the paradise island of Menorca.

Remember that it is better to move by rental car, it is safer and faster to get to the places you want to visit.