Get in touch with us, getting around the wonderful landscapes of Menorca will never be a problem for you if you have Doral Auto.

In our offices we can deliver and return rental cars, but we offer other delivery and return points such as hotels, the airport and the port of Mahón.

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E3 GROUP rental vehicle offers
Volkwagen Caddy Maxi
Group E3
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Peugeot Rifter or similar
Group E
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Offer of vehicles for rent GROUP C
Opel Corsa or similar
Group C
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Offers available on the dates indicated.

Menorca Airport Entrance

Delivery and return of vehicles

You can consult all the vehicle collection points in our frequently asked questions section or in the place of delivery and return.

Car rental in Menorca

Our treatment is totally personalized, but that does not mean we neglect new technologies. For this reason throughout our site you will find different ways to contact us. We have different phone numbers for each service we offer. As well as an independent WhatSapp for each service. You can also contact us via email or through an inquiry form. All phone numbers, WhatSapp, email and contact form are linked directly from this, our WEB site. Because just by pressing the link or button you go directly from the mobile, tablet or computer to the device you need to use for communication. Another way to contact is by sending an email directly to We respond to each email always thinking that there is a person behind it. If we have any questions, we usually call to resolve the query in a more agile and precise way.

In addition to the telephone, WhatSapp, email and the WEB form, we have other communication channels. Google reviews, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. As you will see, we do not miss any opportunity for you to contact us. And on this wonderful island like Menorca we are so relaxed that we transmit pure positive energy to everyone who contacts us. We never lose human warmth.

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