Citadel or Mahon? Where is it best to stay in Menorca?

When deciding where to stay in Menorca, remember that the island is small. Therefore, if your first decision does not satisfy you, you can always change. Today we present the attractions of two of the most visited areas of this paradise Island. Both are about 45 minutes by road from each other. So, you can always move from one to another by rental car. We are talking about Mahon and Ciutadella.

How to cope with the decision

Before deciding, you should know that Menorca is divided into two large areas. And each one of them gets a different kind of tourism. Therefore, where to stay in Menorca depends on the way you want to enjoy your stay. The south coast is more developed and there you will find more hotels, apartments and even campsites. The beaches of this area are fine sand surrounded by large pine forests and crystalline waters. The north coast is less exploited, with wilder and unexplored areas. Here there are villas and more apartments than hotels. In any case, driving along both is a good way to know and contemplate the landscape.

Where to stay in Menorca on the south coast: Mahon

Mahon is one of the most important cities of the island and you must not stop visiting happens independently where you are staying. It is the administrative capital of the island and the airport is located near it. Also, it is very well communicated with the rest of places being of interest, so it is perfect as base of operations if you have a rental car and want to know the whole of the island. Its natural port stands out for its large size (it is among the largest in the world) and its beauty, which places it among the most beautiful in the Mediterranean. In addition, you will enjoy au Arquietectura in the English colonial style and the animation of the summer months. If you are looking for good communication, shops, restaurants and entertainment, Mahón is your answer to the question of where to stay in Menorca

Ciutadella, the jewel of the north coast

Just at the other end of the island, to the north, lies Ciutadella. Here the hotel options are less abundant, but you will find smaller apartments and accommodations. The reason is simple: as we said at the beginning Dela Rtículo, the north is less exploited than the south. That is why it is also the area that their own and others consider prettier on the island. Here you can also breathe peace and quiet. Ciutadella, as a city, you charm thanks to its old town. If you stay here don't forget to walk along its labyrinthine and winding streets. And if your option to stay in Menorca is another, do not stop driving up here in your rental car. You will see old palaces and enjoy the incredible menorcan gastronomy. Curiously, despite being in the north, Ciutadella is the most developed city of Menorca in terms of tourism and its beaches are the most visited. Therefore, if you are looking for the peace that we have spoken of, stay on the outskirts or in a nearby locality. A short drive will bring you to the heart of the city. If this is your choice, remember to rent a car. Take a look at our offers.

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