Top 3 festivities of Menorca | The best parties in the Balearic Islands

Menorca’s major festivities are known all over the world. Menorca is much more than white sand beaches and crystalline water. Menorca is a culturally rich island. The island is also known for its talayotic villages and the major festivities of Menorca.

Menorca: Much to celebrate

The festivities of the island are a must if you come to spend a few days on vacation with us. From San Juan, in Ciutadella, to the Fiestas de Gracia, in Mahon, there are countless parties in all the towns. In order to enjoy them all with total comfort, we recommend that you rent a car and visit their parties calmly.

Menorca’s major festivities have two characteristics: horses and fuss. Horses are a very important animal for us, and it is the protagonist of the festivities. On the other hand, the racket is the main act, the one that starts.

If you want your holiday to coincide with any of the festivities of Menorca, then we list the 3 most important festivals.

Festivities San Juan, Ciutadella

This is the greatest party par excellence. The Fiestas de San Juan in Ciutadella are unique in the world. For a few days the city is transformed into a sand track where the horses can travel better. This is the main stage of the ruckus.

The Fiestas de San Juan are distributed in several days. The main events are the 23rd and 24th of June but the Sunday before is celebrated “es dia d’es Be“.

A curious fact is that this festival still retains the representation of the different social strata of the Society of the time.

The “Caixer Senyor” represents the nobility, the “Caixer Capellà” represents the clergy, the “Caixers Pagesos” represent the farmers and, finally, the “Caixer Menestrals” represent the craftsmen.

And, today, the representation of the caixers continues to follow a privilege. Of all the major Fiestas of Menorca, this is the most important and there are many families and groups of friends who reserve these dates to celebrate this holiday on the island. The major Fiestas of Menorca are considered cultural patrimony.

Fiestas mayores de Menorca: Mahon

The Feast of Our Lady of Grace gives name to the festivities of Mahon. They are held during the first week of September and the star animal is the horse.

In the opening ceremony, the “Caixer Batlle” and the “Caixer Capellà” give the starting touch of the fuss and the walk through the old town. During the day the city is conditioned for the transit of horses and at night the port of Mahon becomes pedestrian to celebrate concerts.

Festivities of San Lorenzo, Alaior

During the second weekend of August is celebrated the festival mayor of Alaior. This village is located near Mahon, on the eastern part of the island. In his party, besides the essential horses, there are also big heads and parades.

These are just three of the many major fiestas in Menorca. Find out which one coincides with your visit and head to it.

 April 22, 2018 

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