best sunsets in Menorca

The 5 best sunsets in Menorca you’ve never imagined seeing

One of the advantages of traveling according to your own timetable and the rhythm that you marques yourself, is that you will be able to organize your itinerary in order to see the best sunsets of Menorca.

We give you some options so you can see a different one every day of your holiday. In addition, we recommend that you move around the island with one of our rental vehicles so you don’t miss anything.

Bar Sa Posta de Sol

You may be surprised that the first of the best sunsets in Menorca that we recommend you to see from a bar.

But it is that this place has one of the best views of the coast of the island. In addition, enjoy the sunset with chill out music that can be enjoyed on its staggered terraces and arranged in the rock, furnished with tables and beautiful sofas.

If you drive, try to drink something that doesn’t contain alcohol. Anyway, you will want to appreciate the colors of the sky reflected on the sea with all your senses alert. The best thing is to arrive with time, because the best places are occupied right away. 

Punta Nati Lighthouse

The second of our best sunsets in Menorca has a certain military air. The Punta Nati Lighthouse is surrounded by military constructions. It is less than 8 km from the Ciutadella and therefore it is perfect to get closer by car rental.

Be careful on the road, because many sunsets fans do the bike ride. Besides this, the access is very simple, hence also in this case it is advisable to go soon.

Get ready for a windy sunset. The lighthouse, in fact, was built in response to a shipwreck perhaps caused by a particularly virulent tramontana. The steep cliffs are proof of what erosion is capable of.

Again, the best sunsets of Menorca are in Ciutadella

In this case, the spot where you can contemplate the magic of the sunset is the castle of St. Nicholas.

It is true that some nearby buildings do not allow to see how the sun hides in the water, behind the horizon, but that does not prevent the sunset is absolutely spectacular.

The castle was built with a clearly military purpose, although its invoice Rsulta to some extent elegant, despite its small size. Opposite it, on the other bank of the port, lies another of the beautiful lighthouses dotting the island: Lighthouse Punta Sa Farol.

Choose the best sunset aboard a sailboat

If you have chosen a rental car to visit Menorca, it is possible that yours is the adventure.

In that case, rent a sailboat and make sure that the last hour of the Gtarde reaches you in front of the west, the cardinal point for which the sun sets.

You won’t find a better sunset than that. Surrounded by silence and rocked by the waves of the sea. The colors of sky, reddish, orange and blue, will be the prettiest you’ve ever seen. This really is an absolutely unique experience.

Son Bou Beach sunsets

The beach of Son Bou is long, its sand clear and its waters great to finish the afternoon. In addition, the sun hides dramatically beautiful behind the horizon line. You have to travel a few miles to enjoy it, but definitely worth it.

If you have decided to make some route by car to Menorca, end the day near this beach and you can a gold brooch.  It is located about 8 Km from Alaior.

And if the best sunsets of Menorca have not finished convincing you, take a look at these other reasons for visist her. The next thing you want to do is book a rental car at Menorca Airport.

 May 25, 2018 

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