Best time to visit menorca

What is the best time to travel to Menorca?

Menorca is a beautiful island of which we know, above all, the color of its sea and the fine sand of its beaches. But do we really know what is the best time to travel to Menorca?

Menorca enjoys the typical Mediterranean climate

It seems obvious that the climate of an island in the Mediterranean Sea will be the one with the same name. But what exactly does that mean? Because there are great differences between winters and summers.

And that the intermediate stations are not very long. The winter Menorcan is distinguished by rather temperate temperatures, although with many rainy days. The best time to travel to Menorca is definitely the summer.

At this time the temperatures increase and it stops raining. With this panorama, the months from June to September are the best to rent a car and discover Menorca and the dozens of coves and beaches that are, in fact, the biggest attraction of the island.

And the reason why most of the tourists who visit it are in it.

The best time to travel to Menorca every month

The sun, that claim for visitors that makes Menorca one of the most desirable islands for summer holidays, looks about 27,000 hours a year. Most of them are concentrated in the summer. Specifically, in the months of May, June, July, August and September.

During that period you can enjoy an average of twelve hours of sunshine each day. That makes this the best time to travel to Menorca.

Many of the vehicles of our car rental company in Menorca, are booked in advance for the month of August. We know therefore that this is the month with the most demand of hotel squares.

It is also the month when the island is more crowded.  What is especially interesting if we consider that the best time to visit Menorca is July.

This is the month with less rainy days in which more days of sunshine are concentrated.

July: The best time to visit Menorca

We recommend visiting this island during the second fortnight of June and the first of July.

Or, alternatively, during the last week of August and the first fortnight of September.

The beaches will continue to be beautiful, but there will be a lot less people in the main attractions, in restaurants and, in general, everywhere. Driving your rental car through Menorca during these times of the year will be as sweeping as in the middle of summer, but much safer, as there will be less traffic on the roads.

In addition, you may find some special car rental offer in Menorca by not booking your car in high season. Anyway, Menorca is a lovely destination all year round.

Discover in our blog some of the most visited places, like these four routes by car, that you will discover a great part of the secrets of this small Mediterranean jewel.

Remember that renting a car in Menorca guarantees you to spend your holidays at your own pace, without relying on external schedules or anything other than your own vital pulse.

You can also travel by boat or rent a motorhome at Menorca to enjoy the island!

 May 17, 2018 

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