Lighthouses of Menorca

Route through the lighthouses of Menorca

The lighthouses of Menorca are one of the emblems of the island. No one can deny that one of the most rewarding experiences of visiting the island is to drive around the geography in search of our lighthouses.

And the best way to do it is to hire a cheap rental car in Menorca to not miss anything of the island. Although the best known are 5, in all the minorcan extension we find 7 lighthouses. So if it’s all right with you, we’ll light engines and put the direct one to visit them all!

Route by car visiting of Menorca

We start with the highest  on the island: the lighthouse of Cavalleria. Following the road Me-1 and the Camí de Tramuntana.

Built in 1857, this lighthouse is located 94 meters above sea level and from there you can enjoy some of the best views of the island. The light of its lighthouse is visible from 22 nautical miles.

Further on, we head west towards another lighthouse in Menorca: Punta Nati Lighthouse. It is only 6 kilometres from Ciutadella and we will bequeath it to him following the Ronda and the Cf-5 road.

It is a unique building, wrapped in an abrupt landscape with a privileged view of the Mediterranean Sea. Its light is visible to 19 nautical miles from the coast. After relaxing with its majesty, it is time to return to the car and go to Ciudatella. In the city we find a little known : Sa streetlight.

This is the most urban lighthouse and one of the most ignored. We think it’s a shame why Sa Farol is more than 150 years old and was one of the first lighthouses in the Balearic Islands to use electric lighting.

We will continue our route by car through the lighthouses of Menorca visiting the lighthouse of ARTRUTX.

Following the Me-24 direction South we will arrive at the foot of the one built in 1854. It is known for its slender silhouette and its black and white bands.

To visit the lighthouses of Menorca by car is one of the great tourist attractions of the island

Following the southern part of the island we reach Punta Prima, where the lighthouse of L’Illa de S’Aire is waiting for us.

It is located on an island of 34 hectares. The structure of it is the highest in the entire island with a height of 38 meters. No doubt the views of this majestic lighthouse from the beach are breathtaking.

Returning to the car and heading towards Mahon, we find another one  that are little known. It is the  Sant Carles. It is located in the south of the port of Mahon and was the first lighthouse built on the island.

And finally, we still have to visit the lighthouse of FAVÀRITX. Following the Me-7 we arrive at the Natural Park of S’Albufera des Grau, where he waits for us.

FAVÀRITX has a tower of 28 meters high and is one of the . Its surroundings are of blackened rocks and it is very close to the water.

Here ends the route through the 7 lighthouses of Menorca. Do not miss the opportunity to make the route on your rental car at Menorca. You will love it!

 June 3, 2018 

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