relax menorca out of season

Menorcas out season

A natural paradise. 

If you want to venture into another type of tourism and enjoy  beyond the sun and beach, consider Menorca as your next destination because it won’t disappoint. Take advatage of Menorcas low season.

Menorcas out of season. The two great advantages of off-season tourism are the cheap flights and hotels and tranquility. 

Menorca is already a quiet island that the long walks, the dips in their coves with turquoise waters make you fall in love with the island

If you close your eyes and breathe deep, you notice its essences, its smells to salt water and its rocky mountains.

You can taste its cheeses, its wines and its stews, and all its lovely gastronomy even when there are no more tourists around. 

But knowing that you have disconnected from  everything and that paradise is not so far away will make you want to come back to relax some more. 

Menorcas out of season

Another great advantage of Menorcas out of season the summer is the opportunity to get to know its locals better. 

Also the reservations are much easier to do and usually will also be cheaper.

Menorca has an enviable average temperatures and although the water is somewhat cooler. 

The island does not only offers outdoor tourism. 

If the day is cloudy we will adapt and instead of hiking or going to your hidden coves you can taste your favourite menorcan cheeses.

Or take advantage of its great variety of wines and attend a wine tasting in some of our famous wineries. 

Those who enjoy good gin can visit the gin factory Xoriguer and try the famous gin Xoriguer, one of the two gins with a protected denomination of origin from all over the world. 

We can taste it alone or ask for a menorcan ointment. 

So do not hesitate, Menorcas out of season is a place to appreciate and to soak up all its beauty. 

It invites you to the outdoor adventure but also opens the doors to those who want to enjoy its gastronomy, especially, out of season. 

Rent a car in Menorca and enjoy the island.

 October 18, 2018 

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