Rent a boat in Menorca

A very different way to see the island of Menorca by boat

Visiting Menorca is one of the best experiences you will have on the island.

Getting around Menorca by bout sea will not leave you indifferent because, whether on a sail boat or in a motor boat, going around our island on a boat will leave you speechless.

If this summer you decide to visit Menorca and you want to enjoy our crystal clear waters and learn from another perspective, read carefully the recommendations we make below.

Menorca by boat, we will tell you which are the best boat trips and which ports you can sail in.

First of all, it is imperative that you have a rental car to travel the coast in search of the best coves to embark and navigate.

And, the second most important point is that you will have to decide if you prefer to navigate the northern or southern waters. In order to make this decision, keep in mind the weather.

The winds are always stronger in the north, so the scenery is more rough. On the other hand, if you prefer to navigate the waters of the south of the island, they tend to be calmer.

Although, meteorology aside, the most important thing is to decide say you prefer crystalline waters or wilder landscapes to Menorca by boat.

There are many possibilities to discover Menorca by boat. From a private rental (if you have a sailing title) to resort to the Bay of Mahon port or spend a whole day in sailboat knowing every corner of the Costa Menorquina.

So choose your starting point and set a course for him in your rental car!

By boat will allow you to discover places that by land are inaccessible

If your option is to rent a boat, you should know that will give a little more cache to your stay on the island. Navigating in Menorca by boat is amazing.

You will be able to get to know special places, beaches and coves that you could not access on foot. This option allows you to decide if you want to rent a boat with skipper or not.

There are boats with a very limited motor capacity that can be rented for people who do not have the certificate of airworthiness Menorca by boat. So there’s no excuses!

Do a tour if you otherwise prefer to do a tour. We can recommend two. The first is the return to the port of Mahon. This is one of the largest ports in Europe with an extension of more than six kilometres.

With one of the catamarans you will find, you can go around the port at the same time you admire the underwater flora. Depending on the area you prefer to navigate, you should know that in the north, the port with the greatest offer is the  Fornells or Addaia.

On the other hand, in the south, you can start from Cala’n Bosch. Not forgetting the port of Ciutadella or Mahon to Menorca by boat.

Another way to visit around the island is by kayak.

This summer come to discover the island of Menorca.

You can also travel by boat or motorhome to enjoy the island!

 August 1, 2018 

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