5 kayak routes in Menorca

One of the best ways to know all that the coast of this small island has to offer is to travel by kayak in Menorca. Thanks to this easy-to-use, fun and comfortable means of transport, you will be able to access the most remote places.

Among them, small virgin islets or semi-submerged caves. The most beautiful coves, the beaches of pebbles or white sand, the most coveted landscapes, will be at your fingertips thanks to a perfect means of transport to go in a group and very respectful of the environment.

Kayaking in Menorca: Cala Escorxada and Playa de Santo Tomás

If you are looking for a not too long excursion, you can reach Cala Escorxada.

It takes about two and a half hours between round trip and you will have access to one of the least accessible beaches on the island.

In addition, the road offers wonderful contrasts between rugged cliffs and the most flat area of Menorca.

A beautiful walk that you can complete dive in the waters of Cala Escorxada, an exclusive environment of great beauty.

Arenal de Mongofre. A different view in kayaking by Menorca

Menorca’s only Natural park is located in the north of the island. It is the natural park of S’Albufera des Grau.

The Tramontana is the wind that combs at irregular intervals the Balearic archipelago.  He’s modeled his landscape.

This part of the coast hides submerged reefs and a great geological variety.

Although almost the entire island can be travelled by car, kayaking through Menorca ensures access to the Arenal de Mongofre. A pristine sandy beach with no other access than the sea.

The Bay of Fornells

Also in the north of the island, but safe from the Tramontana, lies the Bay of Fornells. The largest of Menorca and the most protected of this wind.

This is a three-hour round trip that offers the opportunity to visit the pristine beaches of the bay without having to go out to the open sea.

A unique opportunity to enjoy the northern landscape and alternate with a few hours of relaxation in the sun.

Calescoves, Kayak in Cala en Porter

The decision to kayak in Menorca offers many different possibilities. For example, approaching the southern area of the island.

Here erosion has created a rugged landscape of great beauty. Dominated by fishing grounds sculpted for years by the embistes of the waves, the cliffs are the other great attraction of the area.

As well as the caves and small cavities created by the action of the Sea.

Binissafúller Beach in Cala Torrent 

For those fans of Marine sports who carry in the trunk of their car snorkel tubes, this is the most enjoyable kayak excursion in Menorca.

The paddle can be combined with surface diving. A perfect opportunity to enjoy the sun, the beach and the bottom of the sea.

If you stay where you are staying, the island of Menorca has many kayak rental points. Just drive to the nearest to enjoy a different day. If you come to the island without a vehicle in Doralauto you can rent the car in Menorca that more fits in your day to day.

You can also travel by boat or motorhome to enjoy the island!

 May 3, 2018 

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