Talayotic monuments

Visit the Talayotic monuments in Menorca

The Talayotic Monuments, another of the attractions of Menorca are its 32 prehistoric monuments throughout different parts of the island.

Many of them are within reach because the governments have made a great effort to take care of them.

Because of the significance they have for the humanity.

The Talayotic monuments culture inhabited Menorca in such an ancient period of 2100 years before Christ.

Between the iron and bronze ages, so we are talking about the localized structures being more than 4100 years old.

They are the oldest in the area and for that reason they are being analyzed to be considered world heritage sites.

Of the Talayotic Monuments, many buildings have been preserved, especially funeral homes, it gives greater relevance to this culture.

Which has been investigated a lot and has attracted the attention of archaeological study centers from different parts of the world.

To date, these 32 the Talayotic monuments have been discovered, but the existence of other monuments is suspected.

In general, they are funerary structures, although places and sets of settlements located for the life of people in groups have also been determined.

Naveta des Tudons

Among the Talayotic monuments, the funerary of Naveta des Tudons is the best known in all of Menorca.

It can be said, that it is the main attraction in the entire set of Talayotic structures found on the island.

Its construction technique is simple, one stone on top of another, fitted to measure perfectly.

And they do not have any type of element that unites them, that is; they were placed and their very weight holds them together.

Although you cannot enter it, its shape is like that of an inverted ship. It has an upper central chamber and a lower one.

Between the two there is a small intermediate floor that is supported by large rocks that act as beams.

The most important discovery of this monument was made in the 1960s, when a group of researchers led by archaeologist María Lluisa Serra, born in Menorca.

Obtained a set of 100 skeletons inside the Naveta des Tudons, which they were related to a historical period close to the 9th century BC.

More the Talayotic monuments of Menorca

After finding this famous funerary monument, there are also the remains of the town of Trepucó, which includes an area of ​​almost 50 thousand square meters.

In which two structures of talayots stand out, traces of an old wall, also of some towers and of housing buildings.

The interesting thing is that in this space there have been coexistence of different prehistoric times.

According to the research carried out by a renowned British archaeologist who, in the 1930s, dedicated herself to the dissemination of what is known today.

There is an Archaeological Museum in Menorca in which many local prehistoric treasures that belong to the Talayotic monuments.

Are exhibited, such as funerary objects, vessels, skeletons, among other tools that have been found.

In the different investigations that have been carried out throughout of the years in those areas.

As a suggestion we  recommend renting a car so that you have the time and all the necessary comforts to visit all these monuments.

You can also travel by boat or motorhome to enjoy the island!

 November 18, 2020 

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