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Menorca has excellent museums

When the name of Menorca is mentioned, the first thing that comes to mind is that image of sun but have more excellent museums.

Sand, spectacular beaches, romantic sunsets, night parties, pubs, tapas and lots of fun and excellent museums.

Despite all this, there is another side of this Balearic Island that can also be explored.

And that, surely, will be a possibility to visit not only in the summer but to be connected to this beautiful Mediterranean community all year round.

The island Menorca, has been declared as a heritage reserve of the biosphere of planet earth.

A distinction that makes it one of the most interesting places in the world and, for our pride, it is Spanish territory.

The charms of the island go beyond nature; and that is well understood by those who have been in charge of promoting Menorca tourism in past decades.

Managing to diversify the tourist offer beyond the summer time.

This is how excellent museums arise, the Menorca excellent museum route, in which four very specific entities stand out that have dedicated themselves to researching; and gathering countless archaeological pieces, of high value, to be appreciated by all.

Excellent Museums

You cannot miss the excellent Museums of Menorca, which is a baroque building from the late seventeenth century and in which a former convent of the San Francisco Jesus order worked.

As a whole, permanent and rotating exhibition halls and an area for cultural events are merged, open to the public from Tuesday to Sunday.

In its rooms, you will be able to take a tour through the evolutionary history of the island, from its civilizations, the presence of Muslims, the English, the Spanish conquest, without leaving aside the remains of prehistoric excavations or the collections of paintings from different periods. .

An emblematic space is the excellent museums the Bastió de Sa Font Museum, which houses a rich collection of prehistoric and paleontological remains that have been discovered on the island over the years.

Its main attraction is the exhibition of the remains of a Mytragus, an animal known as the Balearic rat goat that lived about 5000 years ago in the area and of which very well preserved remains are preserved.

Also in this place you can see large spaces destined for the Muslim and Christian times, as well as the time of the incorporation of the island to the kingdom of Aragon in the 11th century.

In itself, the museum is a medieval fortification dating from 1667.

Military spaces

More excellent museums in Menorca, despite the fact that it was inaugurated in 1981; the Menorca Military excellent Museum is one of the most visited sites on the local tourist route.

Its building is an 18th century powder magazine, inside the Sant Felip fort, which the English built and baptized with the name of Georgetown.

For fans of war stories and corsairs, this will be an ideal place to visit because there is a large booty of weapons, cannons.

Descriptions that narrate in its journey the military importance of Menorca in the history of Spain and the geographical significance for the world.

You can also travel by boat or motorhome to enjoy the island!

 December 4, 2020 

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