Typical dishes of menorca

4 Typical Minorcan dishes you don’t want to miss

Tasting the typical dishes of Menorca is something that you can not miss in the route of your trip around the island. The island’s gastronomy is marked by the wisdom and history of its people.

Without leaving the sea products aside, our cuisine is also characterized by the product born in the field.

So you can get to know the cuisine of the island, in this article we recommend the 4 most typical dishes of the Menorcan cuisine so you can taste the essence of Menorca. You will see that we will also show you where on the island you can eat and how to go with your rental car.

Seafood: Lobster Stew

This is the dish par excellence. It is one of the star dishes of Menorcan cuisine. Your recipe is very simple: lobster with a broth of sautéed vegetables and a few slices of toasted garlic bread.

You can eat this dish anywhere on the island, but we recommend that you take the car and head towards the village of Fornells, located in the north of the island. However, the great quality of Menorca’s fish is also noteworthy.

Oliaigua one of the most famous typical dishes of Menorca

Another of the typical dishes of Menorca is this soup made from water, oil, aromatic herbs and some vegetables. Although traditionally it was served without any kind of vegetable.

There are different variants of their preparation and often the restaurants change it according to the time of year to give a fresher or more forceful taste. You will see that some restaurants propose as a first course in a menu. You can try this soup so typical in any town in the center of the island.

Sausages: Mahon Cheese and Sobrasada

In this list of the typical dishes of Menorca can not miss the sausages of the Earth. Do not leave the island without tasting the traditional sausages of the island: Cheese, Sobrasada, cuixot or Carnixua.

All of them are made with their own products and, if you want to buy some souvenir cheese, be attentive. When you travel the island by car, on occasion you will see indications that will take you to private sausage production farms: You can buy them there. That are a reflection of the culture and its people.

If you travel the island by car, you will be able to taste different traditional products in each one of its towns.

Eggplant stuffed with Minorcan typical dishes of Menorca

And finally, we want to highlight the stuffed eggplants. This typical and traditional dish menorcan consists of filling vegetables from the orchard with an eggplant. and bake it with a little breadcrumbs.

However, some restaurants also add some sobrasada or some bacon to give more consistency to the dish.

As you can see, the island is not only rich in beaches and natural places, but its gastronomy and the typical dishes of Menorca may also surprise you. Tour the island with your car discovering every nook and taste your typical product, you will love it!

You can also travel by boat or motorhome to enjoy the island!

 June 6, 2018 

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