Coves of Menorca

The 10 best coves of Menorca

The coves of Menorca are the jewel in the crown of this Balearic island. If you want to know the best beaches, we recommend that you rent a car to move freely around the island. In this way, you will be able to discover coves in privileged and unique settings. Places surrounded by nature where its waters are transformed into natural pools.

Do you want to discover which are the best?

Read carefully, because we present you the 10 best.

  • Macarella y Macarelleta

Without a doubt, these are the best-known beaches on the island. The combination of forest, white sand and crystal clear water makes them the favorites of many Menorcans.

  • Cala Mitjana

This cove is located in the southern part of the island. Its access is restricted and to step on its sand you have to walk along an easily accessible track, but it is worth it.

It is a small blue paradise and next to it you will find Cala Mitjaneta, the mini version.

  • Cala Galdana

In Menorca there are many coves that do not have restaurant services, but in Cala Galdana you will find all the tourist services you need.

In addition to its waters are crystal clear and its sand is one of the finest and whitest on the island.

  • Cala Turqueta

It is one of the most virgin coves on the island. It is a small beach, located next to Macarella, which will transport you to a Caribbean environment.

  • Cala Escorxada

If you like to walk, we recommend that you go from Binigaus to Cala Escorxada. It is a one-hour walk along paths and cliffs on the south coast of the island. The reward upon reaching your arena is worth it, and a lot.

  • Cala’n Porter

This is one of the most familiar coves in Menorca. Located next to the urbanization, this natural space is wedged between two of the highest cliffs on the island.

Discover the most beautiful and spectacular coves of Menorca by car

  • Es Talaier

South of Ciutadella there are many beaches, but none like this one. Es Talaier is a bit hidden, but when you discover it, the pleasure is similar to finding a treasure. It is one of the quietest and most welcoming beaches on the island.

  • Cala Pregonda

Located in the north, this reddish sand beach is one of the essential beaches to visit. The color of its sand contrasts with the clear blue of its waters. In addition, in front there are small islets that can be visited swimming or kayaking.

  • Cala Pilar

Continuing in the north, another essential is Cala Pilar. It is undoubtedly the preferred beach for hikers in the area. After traveling a path through pine forests, you arrive at this marvel. Its waters are protected and are home to fish and crustaceans worth seeing.

  • Cala Morell

Finally, we recommend the most cultural beach of all. Cala Morell is located in the north of the island, near a Talayotic Necropolis. Its waters are located between rocks, one of them, shaped like an elephant.

¡Discover these coves of Menorca and many more by car!

¡You can also travel by boat or motorhome to enjoy the island!

 February 6, 2023 

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