The phenomenon of motorhomes

The Phenomenon of Motorhomes

The phenomenon of motorhomes is due to the fact that more people are starting out in this type of tourism in our country.

What has led to a market in full development offering more and more solutions to different types of potential customers.

The phenomenon of motorhomes in cities or towns

Cities or towns day by day increase the possibility of these vehicles spending the night.

Offering even the necessary services to facilitate the coexistence between the users of the same and the rest of the population.

You are no longer limited to using the campsite as a destination.

Spaces are also being offered to the traveler to be able to spend the night on their way to the different cities of the trip.

There are many municipalities that have built overnight areas for this type of vehicle, offering tourists a new way of traveling at really affordable prices.

To give an example, Pamplona has built a motorhome area a few meters from the entrance gate to the city at a cost of a few €, with the services of filling drinking water, emptying black and gray water.

The myth of motorhome tourism

The myth has been shattered that motorhome tourism leaves no money in the towns they travel through, since they join the consumption of the city they visit.

They are potential clients of any establishment, bars, restaurants and shops in general, since they want to know the different places on the route.

Our country has many alternatives to offer for tourism, not in vain more than 80,000,000 people visit us, being the second country in the world to receive tourists.

Motorhomes in Menorca

Menorca could not be different from the rest of tourist destinations since it offers the visitor a geography full of dreamlike places and beaches.

It is not surprising that here the offers to this type of Adventure Tourism that is offering the phenomenon of motorhomes are also growing.

Doral Auto, aware of this new challenge, has taken a step forward and has entered into this alternative, offering customers different Motorhome options, always with the seriousness that has characterized our company.

Menorca is a small island, but full of places to discover, aboard our motorhomes you will be able to wake up every day in a different place, but that is if you respect the environment.

Overnight is allowed anywhere, but you must distinguish between overnight and camping.

Overnight vs Camping

Camping is understood when you take a table, chairs, open the awning to the street, in short, what is typical of a campsite, however, sleeping inside your vehicle is allowed anywhere unless there is a traffic sign that prohibits the traffic of the mobile home.

The delivery of these vehicles is slow since the customer must be trained in the different elements available, especially if you are new to this field.

More relevant information about the phenomenon of motorhomes

You can find information online about the different elements that make up this type of vehicle.

So that you can have notions about the operation of the different equipment, remember that you have a house in your hands.

Our staff will inform you of the use of the equipment in the delivery and if you have any questions, we will always be at your disposal during office hours.

Get to know the fascinating world of the motorhome and enjoy your holidays in Menorca to the fullest.

Motorhomes for residents in Menorca

We offer residents of the island the possibility of making the trip of their dreams to any part of Europe.

We deliver the vehicle here in Menorca so that you can start the comfortable trip from your home, organizing everything you need for your greatest comfort.

One of the experiences lived by some of our collaborators is the trip to Disneyland Paris as a family, a magical and unforgettable visit.

For rentals of more than 10 days we deliver in Barcelona and Palma de Mallorca.

Doral Auto offers you the following models:

Pla Asso 415

Mc Louis C4 281

Benimar Tessoro 463

You can make any query by calling 672 452 831

You can also take advantage of the offer by completing your trip by renting a boat!

 February 12, 2022 

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