Ciutadella of Menorca

Strolling through Ciutadella of Menorca

All the urban and historical centers of the world keep their secrets for visitors and, in the case of the Ciutadella of Menorca; more than secrets what abounds are very fresh stories of the millions of travelers who visit the Balearic archipelago every year.

The environments that can be seen in Ciutadella of Menorca change according to the time of year and the hours of the day.

Each moment has its personal appreciations, but what everyone agrees on is that it is best not to make a plan to visit.

You have to be seduced by the charm of the island, its people and its secrets.

When undertaking a tour of the streets of Ciutadella of Menorca mainly those in the center of the city, you should never forget that, whatever the time of year; you have to take the weather forecasts for the season, wear comfortable shoes, hydration and in the new times take your mask; antibacterial gel and keep social distance to enjoy the most and don’t forget to reserve your rental car.

Ciutadella of Menorca ,What will we find?

One of the most emblematic sites of the town Ciutadella of Menorca is the cathedral, a Gothic-style building that was built between the 18th and 14th centuries on the same site and on the ruins of the most important Arab mosque on the island; so It has a very interesting religious meaning and hearing the stories will be very pleasant.

Very close to this monument are Bourne Square and Plaza de la Esplanada, two open spaces that smell of living history.

At present it is used for any type of mass event, but in the middle there is a large obelisk that recalls the sad events of the attack by the Turks in 1558; in which they sacked the city and more than half of the inhabitants died.

In this same area is the old fortress of the island, built in times of the kingdom of Aragon, which currently serves as the seat of the city council.

The views from this point of the city are usually very attractive for fans of photography and for anyone who likes to admire the old buildings.

Walking through the streets

Let it not be a problem to walk through the streets of a particular city like Ciutadella of Menorca.

Its stately air captures, and also its continuous stairs, very short and slightly inclined; make it easier for you to reach the highest areas of the walk.

In the heart of the city you can come across a mix of art schools and artisans of construction.

Buildings from all eras, from the 17th to the 19th centuries, merge side by side with temples, markets, shops and small local gastronomy sites.

Ciutadella of Menorca a visit to the port of the city cannot be missed on this tour; a space that has been adapted over the years but that has more than a thousand years of commercial activity and reference in the Mediterranean Sea.

Each corner is a very different from another and, each trip will bring different memories to those who have lived it.

Of course, never stop visiting the historic center that will catch you for a lifetime.

You can also travel by boat or motorhome to enjoy the island!

 December 18, 2020 

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