Menorca an ideal getaway

Menorca an ideal getaway before the summer ends

Menorca an ideal getaway.

One of the attractions of the Balearic archipelago is found on the island of Menorca an ideal getaway to a site that offers countless natural attractions so unique that Unesco declared it one of the most important biosphere reserves on earth.

Arriving on the island can be done by air or by port, sailing by ferry from Barcelona, ​​Valencia or Mallorca, but in either case; from your arrival the magical power of the coves and spectacular natural landscapes.

The first thing to keep in mind is that the island is not very big to travel around and, with the choice of a suitable car for the needs of the group, the rest will be to take any of its routes and enter the fun of Menorca an ideal getaway.

And what to know? Well, here we give you some tips so that you can take advantage of the last weeks of summer and enjoy your travel time to the fullest.

Of course, to know Menorca, always consider staying more than five days, enough time to make memories and repeat itineraries on the next trips.

La Ciutadella, an ideal getaway

Without a doubt, in Menorca an ideal getaway is the tour of the historic center of any city in Europe, it will always be fun.

And in Menorca it will not be different.

The narrow streets and its old buildings of the Ciutadella merge with the bars to taste the typical Spanish and Mediterranean tapas.

Our port is the most visited place after the Gothic Cathedral built between the 14th and  the 18th century or the Castle of San Nicolás, built to defend the city from recurrent attacks in the 18th century.

The Plaza del Borne with its historical obelisk that recalls the local victory over the Turks in 1558 or the Plaza de la Esplanada; are also spaces that should not be missed in that walk through the center of the city that culminates in the Municipal Museum, a building that was built in the 1600s and exhibits a collection of very important prehistoric objects.

And the Mercat del Peix, a typical market that will surprise you with its variety of products on offer for tourists.

Charming corners and beaches

A list of beaches in Menorca an ideal getaway is endless. There are so many, each with its own charm and many details to mention.

However, there are some of them that should not be overlooked when planning a visit to this island.

Don’t be surprised if each one of them looks like something out of a postcard or a computer wallpaper, but in reality, they are mostly heaven on earth.

Menorca an ideal getaway to one of the most popular coves in recent years are:

Turquesa, Macarella, Galdana, Pregonda, Mitjana, Macarelleta, Porter, Cala´n Bosch, Talair, Son Saura, La Vall, Morell, Cala Blanca and Playa Son Bau.

All of them can be reached by car, it has nearby beach bars to eat, bathrooms and all the services to enjoy without worries.

Remains of prehistory

If you are one of those who like history, take advantage of your tour of Menorca to discover the remains of the Talayotic civilization that inhabited the Balearic archipelago almost three thousand years ago and of which some monuments remain.

La Naveta Des Tudons is perhaps the island’s best-known prehistoric icon and one of the oldest buildings in Europe; but it is just one of many that are scattered in the area and should not be missed.

 October 22, 2020 

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