ciutadella of menorca

Strolling through Ciutadella of Menorca

All the urban and historical centers of the world keep their secrets for visitors and, in the case of the Ciutadella of Menorca, more than secrets what abounds are very fresh stories of the millions of travelers who visit the Balearic archipelago every year. The environments that can be seen in Ciutadella of Menorca change […]

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the Naveta Des Tudons

Travel back in time at the Naveta Des Tudons

The Naveta des Tudons… When you think about visiting Menorca, things like its incredible beaches, its pleasant climate or its delicious cuisine will surely come to mind, but its history and monuments will surprise you. If you are passionate about history and construction, do not hesitate to rent a car with us to enjoy the […]

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Mount Toro

Mount Toro, the highest in Menorca

If you are looking for a relaxing afternoon accompanied by wonderful views, Mount Toro is the ideal place for you. It is a perfect way to disconnect for a few minutes and enjoy the island of Menorca from another point of view. The history of this place Mount Toro is the highest point on the […]

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Menorcan local commerce

“Maó, Semper Viu” The new initiative of the Mahón city council to support the Menorcan local commerce and restaurants.

“Maó, Semper Viu” The new initiative of the Mahón city council to support the Menorcan local commerce and restaurants. The Mahón city council has created two slogans to help and support the restoration and Menorcan local commerce; “Tasta Maó, Fem Ciutat” and “Buy Maó, Fem Ciutat”. This initiative arises to alleviate the effects of the […]

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menorca garden


There are innumerable reasons to visit Menorca garden, from Menorcan farms, nature and even its historical monuments, passing through those charming corners or the wonderful sunsets. But we cannot forget its incredible gastronomy full of flavor and history. The sea and the mountains reflected in the gastronomy of Menorca Although Menorca is famous for its […]

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island's fortifications

A tour of the island’s fortifications

In Menorca, like many islands around the Mediterranean Sea, they have a set of the island’s fortifications, that have resisted over time and are, at the same time, witnesses and inheritance of the historical evolution of the passage of civilizations and empires through there. Different armies left their traces on this island, which due to […]

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places in Menorca

Trendy places in Menorca

In recent years in Menorca there has been a boom in trends that  young people who live here and those who visit it experience, the most popular places in Menorca. Early afternoon gathering in Menorca for great fun. Both in summer and in the other seasons of the year, one of the most visited places […]

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excellent museums

Menorca has excellent museums

When the name of Menorca is mentioned, the first thing that comes to mind is that image of sun, sand, spectacular beaches, romantic sunsets, night parties, pubs, tapas and lots of fun and excellent museums. Despite all this, there is another side of this Balearic Island that can also be explored and that, surely, will […]

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